The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the youngest Engineering Departments in MRITS and it is established in the year 2008. The Department is mandated to emphasis on fundamental theory and skills development in all the fields of Civil Engineering.

The Department’s motto is to develop industry-ready engineers. We have state of the art laboratories covering all the latest technologies in all areas of Civil Engineering. The students who come out of this department are well placed in industry and academia around the entire globe.

E-learning facility is available for the students to utilize lesson plan, detailed course material, complete question bank and relevant materials corresponding to their courses. Awards for academic toppers are presented regularly to motivate all the students to excel in academic activities.

Apart from Teaching, Learning and Instruction, the faculty is also engaged in active research with an aim to generate innovative interdisciplinary concepts and ideas and to apply the existing technologies to new applications. The Department has a number of ongoing/completed consultancy projects from various agencies. The department undertakes industrial consultancy work and also organizes Conferences / Workshop for professional interaction.