Hostel Committee
# Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Dr.K Ravindra Principal Chairman
2 Mrs J.Krupa Rani Asst. Prof, H&S Convener
3 Mr. M. Dharma Kumar Assoc. Prof, H&S Member
4 Mr. Y.Dayakar Asst. Prof, H&S Member
5 Mrs. C.H. Harisha Asst. Prof, H&S Member
6 Mr. K.Mahesh Asst. Prof, H&S Member
7 Mr. Ravi Teja Student Student
8 Mr. Aravind Student Student
9 Ms. Sai Sri Student Student
10 Ms. Divya Student Student
Functions & Responsibilities:
  • To interact with the students and parents to know the taste and quality of food in the hostel.
  • To submit a fortnightly report to the principal.
  • To check the quality of materials used for preparation of food items in the hostel.
  • To check the hygenity in kitchen, wash area and dining hall in the hostel kitchen.
  • To receive letters related to grievances, if any, from the users of the Hostel.
  • To redress the complaints as early as possible.