MRITS Health Club
# Name of the Member Designation Department Position
1 Dr. K Ravindra Principal ECE Chairman
2 Dr. Naga Raju Medical officer Medical Convener
3 Dr. Vignesh Assistant Professor CSE Member
4 Dr. Vishwanadhan Professor CSE Member
5 Mr. Haribabu Assistant Professor ECE Member
6 Mr. Mahesh Assistant Professor H&S Member
7 Mr. Sandeep Assistant Professor C.E Member
8 Mr.A.Paparao Assistant Professor MBA Member
9 S. Kiran Student CE Member
10 K. Satya Student ECE Member
11 S. Charan Student ECE Member
12 K. Aravind Student CSE Member
13 G. Krishna Rao Student CSE Member
14 P. Suresh Student MBA Member
Functions & Responsibilities:
  • To educate the students about the importance of health.
  • To bring awareness among the students about various diseases, flues and also how to retaliate them.
  • Motivate and encourage the students to conduct the health campaigns at various villages.
  • To develop students as healthy and sound minded to form a good society in future.
  • To make the students, staff and faculty to be a part of healthy Nation.
  • Thecommitteeshallmeetasfrequentlyasnecessarytodischargeitsdutiesand, in any case, at least two times per academic year.