Ch.Malla Reddy

Founder Chairman

Our Chairman, Shri Ch. Malla Reddy garu, strongly follows the saying “Intellectuals are not born but are made”. He believes in “GNANAMEVA SHAKTHI”. Knowledge imparts morals, honesty, power and potentiality to drive all of us to stand high in this society forever. He has a vision of excellence, a vision of triumph, a vision of destination for many. A vision to educate and enlighten millions, to ignite their latent thoughts and propel them to explore and learn. As today’s youth and budding generations have apparently been suffering from lack of proper direction, MRITS is the right place which envisions to channelize future direction. Every student has brilliant potential. He works passionately to transform every brilliant student into a Genius. He have trust in value based education. On the fine bedrock of India’s illustrious tenets of culture and heritage, he exemplify the secrets with contemporary instances from sports, entertainment, business and industry besides education. MRITS imparts training in soft and hard skills and nurtures the students to make them ready for industry in 21st century, the century of change and challenge.

MHe is a visionary milieu which would cherish all his ideas, be a fountain of knowledge to serve and enhance the very meaning of existence. He realized that the place serving to be the epitome of knowledge, temple of learning to nurture personalities, to redefine knowledge frontiers in serving the students fraternity in their professional pursuits or varied interests.

To conclude Our Chairman is a source of Inspiration to all of us