Benefits of IETE Membership (Corporate) :

• Newsletter & Technical Review for Corporate Members and Journal of Education to Students Members.
• Invitation to attend and participate in numerous local/regional/national/international technical programmes at concessional rates;
• Participation in meetings with R&D/Industry leaders and others to discuss scientific/technical/professional issues;
• Opportunities to review technical papers, write articles and participate in IETE Committees
• Access to Indias most comprehensive source of publications in electronics, telecommunications, computer etc at IETE HQ and at Local Centres/Sub-Centres
• Availability of IETE publications at concessional price;
• Consideration for a large number of annual awards, prizes etc given to honour outstanding contributions
• Listing in annual membership directory together with yellow pages of classified experts list
• Participation in the programmes of IETE-CASET, IETE-C-DETS etc
• Access to IETE TIC of interest of R & D and industry (now being developed)
• Reciprocal facilities from selected similar institutions in India and abroad
• Facilities for higher education and improved job opportunities

Note: Members who are senior citizen i.e. more than 65 years, do not have to pay registration charges for Seminar/Conference/Symposium/Convention at any of the Centres in India