The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the Four Engineering Departments of the MRITS and it is established in the year 2008. The Department is mandated to offer Knowledge and skills in all the fields of Civil Engineering. It can be inferred from the date of establishment that this department is very young and infrastructure is under development. When finally developed, this department can be expected to be centre of excellence in the field of Civil Engineering in this part of the district.

          The Department is planned with 10 Laboratories; hence development is expected in all the ten fields of Civil Engineering.

          Being the first Head of the Department, I am privileged state that all the equipment/instruments procured under stewardship and all the staff members helped me in the installation /erection of the major equipment put it to demonstrate and use. The first batch of students who come out of this department is very well placed in industry and academia of the entire globe.

          The start of the P.G.Program in High way engineering from this academic year amply demonstrates the Quality of the Teaching staff of the Department Implementation of the demand driven programs by way of the conduct of Seminars and workshops keeps the faculty updated With need based modifications in the academic curricula.

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--Prof. A S Prasad,

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