The Malla Reddy institute of Technology & Science was established in the year 2005. At present the library is having three skilled Professionals and one attendant,

Library Timings:7:00am - 9:00pm


Our Mission is to enrich the knowledge levels of the users by effectively utilizing the timely updated resources through innovations of Information Technology and offer user satisfaction through high quality service.


Information is an essential input to national development. Our modern library has great responsibility in harnessing and utilization of information. Library strives for high quality of services which emphasis the actual delivery of information rather than actual delivery of documents for specific needs of the users.


The MRITS Library was established in the year 2005, at the time of inception of the college with a collection of 5000 books. Presently 37110 books, 135 International and National Journals, e- journals (IEEE, N-LIST,K-HUB and DELNET) are available. We also have a digital library facility. The library caters to all the students and faculty of college to pursue their study and research.


College library fulfills the basic needs to support teaching, research and study requirements of the college.
The objectives are:
To give the students wider and deeper understanding of various branches of technical disciplines.
To prepare the students for higher responsibilities in the Government departments, Civil services, Business & MNCs and Industry.
To train the students for the competitive examinations for Civil Services etc.
To prepare the students for foreign studies through GRE, TOFEL, etc.
To train them more of enlightened knowledge and as responsible citizens.
To provide a clear relation between the library and the faculty community and students.
To set norms and standards for college library buildings and procure furniture, stationary, book collection necessary for teaching and study purpose.
To provide necessary methods for proper circulation of library books , to satisfy the needs of users.
To provide necessary services like SDI & CAS to satisfy the needs of users.
To update and procure the relevant and recent Journals useful Publications for faculty and student community.
To facilitate and promote access to the fast growing and expanding collection of digital sources of primary and secondary information.