survey hunt





Surveying is one of the core subjects in civil engineering. In this event all students knowing the basics of civil engineering can take part. The participants will be provided with the forward bearing and back bearing of a particular plot and using this they have to locate a particular location.


Event consists of 3 rounds and each team should consist of minimum of 3 and maximum of 4.


ROUND 1: It’s a prelimary round.
It is a written test.
The printed question papers will be given for each team.
Question paper consists of 20 questions.
Duration of this round will be about 20 minutes.
3/4th teams will be promoted to the next round.


ROUND 2: Calculation of area
It is about calculating the given area which is in a closed traverse.
Those who get the approximate or accurate value will be promoted to the 3rd round.
The required instruments will be provided.
Only 3 groups will be promoted to the 3rd round.


ROUND 3: Leveling and calculation of bearings.


REGISTRATION FEE: Rs.40/- per member.



Ms. V.Navaneetha

Mr. Ghan Shyam




Sneha sravya


CONTACT NO: 9502381056