Round - 1 : Textometer (Fastest Fingure Type)
The main motive of this round is to find the texting speed of the participants.
Here the participants are given some matter (paragraph) on a paper where they should type it on the alloted desktops and complete with in a staplated time.
Who ever complets first or types maximum no.of lines or maximum content correctly will be qualified for second round.
In this way they can test themselves how fast they can type.
Round - 2 : Libernato
Libernato is a maze round. Here the participants are given upto 10-15 maze .Each maze has a single question where they need to find the answer for the question from which they will get their hint and can find the  correct  path from of the maze in a given time .. whoever  gives maximum number of correct answers in the least time  will be qualified for the third round.
Round - 3 : Turn Coat
A participant is given any random topic and instantly has to speak, “for or against” the topic. In a duration of 5 minutes whenever the judge commands ‘switch’, the speaker will have to toggle between ‘for’ and ‘against’ multiple times thereby contradicting the previous statements. Loaded with instantaneous humor, the speaker is evaluated by spontaneity, humor, content and of course audience response.
Event organizers :
1. S.Harika (CSE-C)
2. T.Tejeswari (CSE-C)
3. Tanisha mathur (CSE-C)
4. V.Bhavani (CSE-C)
5. Ch.Nagamaisamma (CSE-C)
6. N.Harshitha Patil (CSE-C)