Round 1: Tanglethon
In this round each team will be given a set words that a jumbled and they should untangle the word and find the answer. Then from each word the team should create and story and present it. The best presentation goes to the next round.

Round 2: X-Word
In this round each team will be given a crossword to fill within a particular time limit of 10 mins, but in the round one team member will be filling the crossword whilst the other team members have to enact the word to them. The team that finishes the crossword in the least amount of time advances to the next round.

Round 3: LogoStics
The team that advances gets a choice to pick any topic from the crossword and design their own logo. The best team will the best logo presented will be declared the winner.


Team Members: 3 to 4 students
Registration Fee:  per person
Cash prize:

Faculty head: Prashanthi
Event head:            Tanmaiysri (II year,CSE-A)
                                  Anushka (II year,CSE-A)
Event organisers:  Nimisha (II year,CSE-A)
                                  Pallavi (II year,CSE-A)
                                  Pooja (II year,CSE-A)