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Course Outcomes::

Course Title : Mathematics-I

Course code: MA101BS

Program: First year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. Able to write the matrix representation of a set of linear equations and to analyse the solution of the system of equations
  • 2. Able to find the Eigen values and Eigen vectors
  • 3. Able to Reduce the quadratic form to canonical form using orthogonal transformations
  • 4.Able to Analyse the nature of sequence and series
  • 5.Able to Solve the applications on the mean value theorems.
  • 6. Able to Evaluate the improper integrals using Beta and Gamma functions
  • 7. Able to Find the extreme values of functions of two variables with/without constraints.


Course Title : Applied physics

Course code: AP102BS

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. The student would be able to learn the fundamental concepts on Quantum behaviour of matter in its micro state.
  • 2. Able to The knowledge of fundamentals of Semiconductor physics,Optoelectronics, Lasers and fibre optics enable the students to apply to various systems like communications, solar cell and photo cells
  • 3. Able to Design, characterization and study of properties of material help the students to prepare new materials for various engineering applications.
  • 4. The course also helps the students to be exposed to the phenomena of electromagnetism and also to have exposure on magnetic materials and dielectric materials.


Course Title : Programming for Problem Solving

Course code: CS103ES

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. Able to to write algorithms and to draw flowcharts for solving problems
  • 2. Learn to convert the algorithms/flowcharts to C programs.
  • 3. Students will learn To code and test a given logic in C programming language.
  • 4. Learn to decompose a problem into functions and to develope modular reusable code.
  • 5. Ability to use arrays, pointers, strings and structures to write C programs.
  • 6. Learn to Searching and sorting problems.


Course Title : Engineering Graphics

Course code:ME104ES

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. student will be able to Preparing working drawings to communicate the ideas and information
  • 2. Ability to prepare working drawings to communicate the ideas and information.


Course Title :Applied Physics Lab

Course code: AP105BS

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Ability to determine the energy gap of a semiconductor diode
  • 2. Able to study about the characteristics of solar cell, light emitting diode and LASER sources
  • 3. Able to determine magnetic field along the axis of a current carrying coil
  • 4. Able to determine Hall co-efficient of a given semiconductor
  • 5.Able to determine work function of a given material.
  • 6.Able to determine the bending losses of Optical fibres.
  • 7. Able to determine the Quality factor of LCR Circuit.
  • 8. Able to determine the time constant of R-C circuit.


Course Title :Programming for Problem Solving Lab

Course code: CS106ES

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. Able to formulate the algorithms for simple problems
  • 2. Able to translate given algorithms to a working and correct program
  • 3. Able to correct syntax errors as reported by the compilers
  • 4. Able to identify and correct logical errors encountered during execution
  • 5. Able to represent and manipulate data with arrays, strings and structures ,use pointers of different types
  • 6. Able to create, read and write to and from simple text and binary filesmodularize the code with functions so that they can be reused


Course Title : Environmental Science

Course code: *MC109ES

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • Based on this course, the Engineering graduate will understand /evaluate / develop technologies on the basis of ecological principles and environmental regulations which in turn helps in sustainable development


Course Title : Mathematics-II

Course code: MA201BS

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to Identify whether the given differential equation of first order is exact or not
  • 2. Able to Solve higher differential equation and apply the concept of differential equation to real world problems
  • 3.Able to Evaluate the multiple integrals and apply the concept to find areas, volumes, centre of mass and Gravity for cubes, sphere and rectangular parallelopiped
  • 4.Able to Evaluate the line, surface and volume integrals and converting them from one to another


Course Title : Chemistry

Course code: CH202BS

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to gain knowledge of atomic, molecular and electronic changes,band theory related to conductivity.
  • 2.Able to gain required principles and concepts of electrochemistry,corrosion and in understanding the problem of water and its treatments.
  • 3.Able to get the required skills to get clear concepts on basic spectroscopy and application to medical and other fields.
  • 4.Able to gain knowledge of configurational and conformational analysis of molecules and reaction mechanisms.


Course Title : Engineering Workshop

Course code: ME205ES

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1. Able to Study and practice on machine tools and their operations
  • 2. Able to Practice on manufacturing of components using workshop trades including pluming, fitting, carpentry, foundry, house wiring and welding.
  • 3. Able to Identify and apply suitable tools for different trades of Engineering processes including drilling, material removing,measuring, chiseling.
  • 4. Able to Apply basic electrical engineering knowledge for house wiring practice.


Course Title : Basic Electrical engineering

Course code: EE203ES

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1. Able to analyze and solve electrical circuits using network laws and theorems.
  • 2. Able to understand and analyze basic Electric and Magnetic circuits
  • 3. Able to study the working principles of Electrical Machines
  • 4. Able to introduce components of Low Voltage Electrical Installations


Course Title : English

Course code: EN205HS

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1. Able to Use English Language effectively in spoken and written forms.
  • 2 Able to Comprehend the given texts and respond appropriately.
  • 3. Able to Communicate confidently in various contexts and different cultures. Acquire basic proficiency in English including reading and listening comprehension, writing and speaking skills.


Course Title : Engineering Chemistry Lab

Course code: CH206BS

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1. student gain skills on Determination of parameters like hardness and chloride content in water.
  • 2. student gain skills on Estimation of rate constant of a reaction from concentration – time relationships
  • 3. student gain skills on Determination of physical properties like adsorption and viscosity
  • 4. student gain skills on Calculation of Rf values of some organic molecules by TLC technique.


Course Title : English Language And Communication Skills Lab

Course code: EN207HS

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to attain Better understanding of nuances of English language through audio- visual experience and group activities
  • 2. Able to Neutralization of accent for intelligibility
  • 3. Able to Speaking skills with clarity and confidence which in turn enhances their employability skills


Course Title : Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

Course code: EE208ES

Program: First Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1. Able to get an exposure to basic electrical laws.
  • 2. Able to Understand the response of different types of electrical circuits to different excitations.
  • 3. Able to Understand the measurement, calculation and relation between the basic electrical parameters.
  • 4. Able to Understand the basic characteristics of transformers and electrical machines.


Course Title : Mathematics – IV

Course code: MA301BS

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. analyze the complex functions with reference to their analyticity, integration using Cauchy’s integral theorem
  • 2. find the Taylor’s and Laurent’s series expansion of complex functions
  • 3. the bilinear transformation
  • 4. express any periodic function in term of sines and cosines
  • 5. express a non-periodic function as integral representation
  • 6. analyze one dimensional wave and heat equation


Course Title : Analog Electronics

Course code: EC302ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to Design and analyze small signal amplifier circuits applying the biasing techniques learnt earlier.
  • 2.Able to Cascade different amplifier configurations to obtain the required overall specifications like Gain, Bandwidth, Input and Output interfacing Impedances.
  • 3.Able to Design and realize different classes of Power Amplifiers and tuned amplifiers useable for audio and Radio applications
  • 4.Able to Utilize the Concepts of negative feedback to improve the stability of amplifiers and positive feedback to generate sustained oscillations.


Course Title : Electrical Technology

Course code: EC303ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to analyze the performance of dc generators and motors.
  • 2.Able to analyze the performance of transformers
  • 3.Able to learn the in-depth knowledge on three phase induction motors.
  • 4. Able to analyze the performance of special motors and electrical instruments in real time applications.


Course Title :Signals and Stochastic Process

Course code: EC304ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to Represent any arbitrary analog or Digital time domain signal in frequency domain
  • 2.Able to Understand the importance of sampling, sampling theorem and its effects
  • 3. Able to Understand the characteristics of linear time invariant systems.
  • 4.Able to Determine the conditions for distortion less transmission through a system.
  • 5.Able to Understand the concepts of Random Process and its Characteristics.
  • 6.Able to Understand the response of linear time Invariant system for a Random Processes


Course Title : Network Analysis

Course code:EC305ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. Able to Gain the knowledge on Basic network elements.
  • 2. Able to Learn and analyze the RLC circuits’ behavior in detail.
  • 3. Able to Analyze the performance of periodic waveforms.
  • 4. Able to Learn and gain the knowledge in characteristics of two port network parameters (Z, Y, ABCD, h & g).
  • 5. Able to analyze the filter design concepts in real world applications.


Course Title :Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab

Course code: EC306ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. After Completion of the course the student is able to Apply various devices to realtime problems
  • 2.Able to Compute frequency response of various amplifiers


Course Title :Basic Simulation Lab

Course code: EC307ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to generate various signals and sequences and perform basic operations.
  • 2.Able to calculate convolution, correlation between signals and sequences.
  • 3.Able to understand the properties of LTI system.
  • 4.Able to apply the concepts FS, FT, LT, Z-T.
  • 5.Able to generate Gaussian noise and analyze the importance of random process.
  • 6. Able to verify sampling theorem


Course Title : Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

Course code: EC308ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.To understand and verify the basic circuit theorems.
  • 2.Able to obtain the different parameters of two port network.
  • 3.Able to analyze the small electrical circuits.
  • 4.Able to obtain the efficiency and voltage regulation of transformer practically.
  • 5.Able to obtain the efficiency of DC machines AC machines


Course Title : Environmental Science and Technology

Course code: *MC300ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to understand the structure and function of Ecosystem
  • 2.Able to understand the importance of Natural resources, exploitation and conservation
  • 3.Able to gain knowledge about Biodiversity, values and conservation
  • 4.Able to gain knowledge about Environmental pollution and control technologies
  • 5.Able to get complete information on Environmental laws, Environmental management and Sustainable development


Course Title : Switching Theory and Logic Design

Course code: EC401ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Be able to manipulate numeric information in different forms, e.g.different bases,signed integers, various codes such as ASCII, Gray and BCD.
  • 2.Be able to manipulate simple Boolean expressions using the theorems and postulatesof Boolean algebra and to minimize combinational functions.
  • 3.Be able to design and analyze small combinational circuits and to use standardcombinational functions/building blocks to build larger more complex circuits.
  • 4.Be able to design and analyze small sequential circuits and devices and to usestandard sequential functions/building blocks to build larger more complex circuits


Course Title : Pulse and Digital Circuits

Course code: EC402ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to Understand the applications of diode as integrator, differentiator
  • 2.Able to Learn various switching devices such as diode, transistor, SCR.Difference between logic gates and sampling gates
  • 3.Able to Design multivibrators for various applications, synchronization techniques and sweep circuits.
  • 4.Able to Realizing logic gates using diodes and transistors.
  • 5.Able to Understanding of time and frequency domain aspects and Importance of clock pulse and its generating techniques.


Course Title : Control Systems

Course code: EE404ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to Improve the system performance by selecting a suitable controller and/or acompensator for a specific application
  • 2.Able to Apply various time domain and frequency domain techniques to assess the system performance
  • 3.Able toApply various control strategies to different applications (example: Power systems,electrical drives etc…)
  • 4. Able to Test system Controllability and Observability using state space representation and applications of state space representation to various systems.


Course Title : Analog Communications

Course code: EC405ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to analyze and design various modulation and demodulation analog systems
  • 2.Able to Understand the characteristics of noise present in analog systems.
  • 3. Able to Study of signal to Noise Ration (SNR) performance, of various Analog Communication systems.
  • 4. Able to Analyze and design the various Pulse Modulation Systems
  • 5. Able to Understand the concepts of Multiplexing: Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) andFrequency Division Multiplexing (FDM).


Course Title : Business Economics and Financial Analysis

Course code: SM405MS

Program: S Y BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1. The students will understand the various Forms of Business and the impact of economic variables on the Business.
  • 2. Able to understand the Demand, Supply
  • 3. Production, Cost, Market Structure, Pricing aspects are learnt
  • 4. Students can study the firm’s financial position by analysing the Financial Statements of a Company.


Course Title : Analog Communications Lab

Course code: EC406ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • to understand the analog modulation and angle modulation concepts.
  • to analyze the pulse modulation schemes.
  • to understand the concepts of receivers.
  • to understand the spectrum of modulation schemes using spectrum analyzer.
  • 5. able to write the code for modulation schemes using MATLAB


Course Title : Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab

Course code: EC407ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1. Able to design the Linear and non linear wave shaping circuits
  • 2.Able to design the multivibrators
  • 3.Able to design Schmitt trigger and UJT Relaxation oscillator
  • 4.Able to understand the Output-Voltage waveform of Boot strap and Miller Sweep circuit
  • 5. Able to analyze the sampling gates and logic gates


Course Title : Operating Systems Lab

Course code: CS408ES

Program: S Y BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1. Ability to develop application programs using system calls in Unix.
  • 2. Ability to implement interprocess communication between two processes.
  • 3. Ability to design and solve synchronization problems.
  • 4.Ability to simulate and implement operating system concepts such as scheduling, deadlock management, file management, and memory management.


Course Title : Analog Electronics Lab

Course code: EC408ES

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to design different amplifiers using Hardware
  • 2 Able to design different feedback amplifier using Hardware
  • 3.Able to design oscillators using Hardware
  • 4.Able to design different amplifiers using Multisim Software
  • 5.Able to design oscillators using Multisim Software


Course Title :

Course code: *MC400HS

Program: Second Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1. Students will have developed a better understanding of important issues related togender in contemporary India.
  • 2. Students will be sensitized to basic dimensions of the biological, sociological, psychological and legal aspects of gender. This will be achieved through discussion of materials derived from research, facts, everyday life, literature, and film.
  • 3. Students will attain a finer grasp of how gender discrimination works in our society and how to counter it.
  • 4. Students will acquire insight into the gendered division of labour and its relation to politics and economics.
  • < li style="list-style-type:none">5. Men and women students and professionals will be better equipped to work and live together as equals.
  • 6. Students will develop a sense of appreciation of women in all walks of life.
  • 7. Through providing accounts of studies and movements as well as the new laws that provide protection and relief to women, the textbook will empower students to understand and respond to gender violence.


Course Title : Electromagnetic Theory and Transmission Lines

Course code: EC501PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able toDistinguish between the static and time-varying fields,establish the corresponding sets of Maxwell’s Equations and Boundary Conditions, and use them for solving engineering problems.
  • 2.Able to Analyze the Wave Equations for good conductors and good dielectrics, and evaluate the UPW Characteristics for several practical media of interest.
  • 3.Able to Establish the proof and estimate the polarization features, reflection and transmission coefficients for UPW propagation, distinguish between Brewster and Critical Angles, and acquire knowledge of their applications.
  • 4.Able to Determine the Transmission Line parameters for different lines, characterize the distortions and estimate the characteristics for different lines.
  • 5. Able to Analyze the RF Line features and configure them as SC, OC Lines, QWTs and HWTs,and design the same for effective impedance transformation.
  • 6.Able to Study the Smith Chart profile and stub matching features,and gain ability to practically use the same for solving practical problems.


Course Title : Linear and Digital IC Applications

Course code: EC502PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to A thorough understanding of operational amplifiers with linear integrated circuits
  • 2. Able to Understanding of the different families of digital integrated circuits and their characteristics.
  • 3. Able to Also students will be able to design circuits using operational amplifiers for various applications.


Course Title : Digital Communications

Course code: EC503PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. Able to Understand basic components of Digital Communication Systems
  • 2. Able to Design optimum receiver for Digital Modulation techniques.
  • 3. Able to Analyze the error performance of Digital Modulation Techniques.
  • 4. Able to Understand the redundancy present in Digital Communication by using various source coding techniques.
  • 5.Able to Know about different error detecting and error correction codes like block codes, cyclic codes and convolution codes.


Course Title : Fundamentals of Management

Course code: SM504MS

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. The students understand the significance of management in their profession
  • 2. Demonstrate critical thinking when presented with managerial problems and express their views and opinions on managerial issues in an articulate way
  • 3. Examine various models of how human resources management is positioned in the structure of an organization.
  • 4. To identify the various leadership styles and the role of leaders in a decision making process and Analyze management organization and administration.
  • 5. To identify various strategies for control, steps in control process


Course Title : Operating Systems (open elective-I)

Course code: CS407ES

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1. Able to Apply optimization techniques for the improvement of system performance.
  • 2. Able to Ability to design and solve synchronization problems.
  • 3. Able to Learn about minimization of turnaround time, waiting time and response time and also maximization of throughput by keeping CPU as busy as possible.
  • 4. Able to Ability to change access controls to protect files.
  • 5. Able to compare the different operating systems.


Course Title :Linear IC Applications Lab

Course code: EC505PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to design the applications of OPAMP using IC 741
  • 2.Able to design the applications of TIMERS using IC 555
  • 3.Able to design the voltage regulators using IC 723


Course Title : Digital IC Applications Lab

Course code: EC506PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to design the functionality of Encoders ,comparators and counters
  • 2.Able to design the functionality of multiplexers ,adders and converters
  • 3.Able to design the functionality of shift registers


Course Title : Digital Communications Lab

Course code: EC507PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to perform different modulation techniques
  • 2.Able to perform different shift keying techniques
  • 3.Able to study spectral characteristics of PAM,PWM and QAM
  • 4.Able to generate and detect DPSK,QPSK and OFDM


Course Title : Professional Ethics

Course code: *MC500HS

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.The students will understand the importance of values and ethics in their personal lives and professional careers.
  • 2.The students will learn the rights and responsibilities asa an employee,team member and a global citizen.


Course Title : Antennas and Wave Propagation

Course code: EC601PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to Explain the mechanism of radiation, distinguish between different antenna characteristic parameters, establish their mathematical relations, estimate them for different practical cases.
  • 2.Able to Distinguish between short dipoles, half-wave dipoles,quarter-wave monopoles and small loops, configure their current distributions, derive their far fields and radiation characteristics and sketch their patterns.
  • 3.Able to Characterize the antennas based on frequency,configure the geometry and establish the radiation patterns of folded dipole, Yagi-Uda Antenna, Helical Antennas, Horn Antennas, and to acquire the knowledge of their analysis,design and development.
  • 4.Able to Analyze a microstrip rectangular patch antenna and a parabolic reflector antenna, identify the requirements and relevant feed structure, carry out the design and establish their patterns.
  • 5.Able to Specify the requirements for microwave measurements and arrange a setup to carry out the antenna far zone pattern and gain measurements in the laboratory.
  • 6.Able to Carry out the Linear Array Analysis, estimate the array factor and characteristics and sketch the pattern for 2-element array, N-element BSA, EFA, modified EFA, Binomial Arrays.
  • 7.Able to Classify the different wave propagation mechanisms,identify their frequency ranges, determine the characteristic features of ground wave, ionospheric wave, space wave, duct and tropospheric propagations, and estimate the parameters involved.


Course Title : Microprocessors and Microcontrollers

Course code: EC602PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to Understands the internal architecture and organization of 8086, 8051 and ARM processors/controllers.
  • 2.Able to Understands the interfacing techniques to 8086 and 8051 and can develop assembly language programming to design microprocessor/ micro controller based systems.


Course Title : Digital Signal Processing

Course code: EC603PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to Perform time, frequency, and Z -transform analysis on signals and systems.
  • 2.Able to Understand the inter-relationship between DFT and various transforms.
  • 3.Able to Understand the significance of various filter structures and effects of round off errors.
  • 4. Able to Design a digital filter for a given specification.
  • 5. Able to Understand the fast computation of DFT and appreciate the FFT processing
  • 6. Able to Understand the tradeoffs between normal and multi rate DSP techniques and finite length word effects.


Course Title : Open elective-II

Course code:

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -II)


Course Title : Computer Organization And Operating Systems (professional elective - I)

Course code:

Program: Theory Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Students have thorough knowledge about Basic structure of a digital computer
  • 2.Students have thorough knowledge about Arithmetic operations of binary number system
  • 3.Students have thorough knowledge about the organization of the Control unit, Arithmetic and Logical unit, Memory unit and the I/O unit.
  • 4.Students have thorough knowledge about Operating system functions, types, system calls.
  • 5. Students have thorough knowledge about Memory management techniques and dead lock avoidance operating systems' file system implementation and its interface.


Course Title : Digital Image Processing (professional elective-I)

Course code:

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1. Able to Exploration of the limitations of the computational methods on digital images.
  • 2. Able to Expected to implement the spatial and frequency domain image transforms on enhancement and restoration of images.
  • 3. Able to Elaborate understanding on image enhancement techniques.
  • 4. Able to Expected to define the need for compression and evaluate the basic compression algorithms.


Course Title : Spread Spectrum Communications (professional elective - I)

Course code:

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to Generate various types of Spread spectrum sequences and can simulate CDMA system (Both Transmitter & Receiver).
  • 2.Able to Analyze the performance of Spread spectrum systems in Jamming environment and systems with Forward Error Correction.
  • 3.Able to Can provide detection and cancellation schemes for Multiusers in CDMA cellular radio.


Course Title : Digital System Design (professional elective-I)

Course code:

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to To understands the minimization of Finite state machine.
  • 2. Able to To exposes the design approaches using ROM’s, PAL’s and PLA’s.
  • 3. Able to To provide in depth understanding of Fault models.
  • 4. Able to To understands test pattern generation techniques for fault detection.
  • 5. Able to To design fault diagnosis in sequential circuits.


Course Title : Digital Signal Processing Lab

Course code: EC604PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to generate discrete time signals/ waveforms.
  • 2.Able to understand the importance of frequency domain by evaluating DFT,FFT,power Spectrum
  • 3.Able to Implement IIR and FIR digital filters
  • 4.Able to understand the importance of multirate signal processing.
  • 5. Able to plot frequency response and impulse response of first order and second order systems. Able to do noise removal


Course Title : Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Lab

Course code: EC605PC

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to Apply the fundamentals of assembly level programming of microprocessors.
  • 2.Able to develop the assembly level programming using 8086 instruction set.
  • 3.Able to Analyze abstract problems and apply a combination of hardware and software to address the problem
  • 4.Able to Contrast how different I/O devices can be interfaced to processor and will explore several techniques of interfacing.
  • 5.Able to Experiment with standard microprocessor interfaces including GPIO, serial ports, digital-to-analog converters and analog-to-digital


Course Title : Advanced English Communication Skills Lab

Course code: EN606HS

Program: Third Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to Acquire vocabulary and use it contextually
  • 2.Able to Listen and speak effectively
  • 3.Able to Develop proficiency in academic reading and writing
  • 4.Able to Increase possibilities of job prospects
  • 5.Able to Communicate confidently in formal and informal contexts


Course Title : Management Science

Course code: A70014

Program: Fourth Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Should be able to explain behavior and attitude of the employees in the organization and level of the organization structures
  • 2. Should be able to understand increase the production, utilization of the resources and measure the quality of products. Analyze inventory management, handling of the materials, market situations with compare PLC and utilization of the distribution channels.
  • 3. Should be able to understand duties and responsibilities of the managers, improve the skills in training and development,employee wages, measure the performance of the employees, and tackle the complaints in the organization.
  • 4. Should be able to calculate reducing the project time and cost.
  • 5.Should be able to understand the SWOT analysis of the organization, to know about environmental factors (STEPIN) and the quality of the product, utilization of the technology and strategies


Course Title : Microwave Engineering

Course code: A70442

Program: Fourth Year BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to understand significance of microwaves, analyze the transmission lines, wave guides and micro strip lines for microwaves and applications.
  • 2.Able to analyze cavity resonators and waveguide components with applications
  • 3.Able to summarize the significance of microwave tubes, analyze the characteristics of microwave tubes and compare them.
  • 4. Able to analyze the operation of magnetron and microwave solids state devices.
  • 5.Able to understand the scattering matrix parameters and its uses,Gain the knowledge on microwave test bench for measuring the different parameters


Course Title : Computer Networks

Course code: A70515

Program: FOURTH YEAR BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to understand and explore the basics of Computer Networks and various protocols. He/She will be in a position to understand the world wide concepts.
  • 2.Able to describe a network and flow of information further he/she can understand easily the concepts of network security, mobile and ad hoc networks.
  • 3.Able to explain master the terminology and concepts of the OSI reference model and the TCP/IP reference model.
  • 4.Able to master the concepts of protocols, network interfaces, and design/performance issues in local area networks and wide area networks.
  • 5.Able to explain wireless networking concepts


Course Title : Cellular and Mobile Communications

Course code: A70434

Program: FOURTH YEAR BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to understand limitations of conventional mobile telephone systems and concept of frequency re-use.
  • 2.Able to understand the fundamental techniques to overcome the different fading effects.
  • 3.Able to familiar with cell coverage for signal and traffic, diversity and mobile antennas techniques.
  • 4.Able to understand co-channel and non-co-channel interference.
  • 5.Able to summarize frequency management, channel assignment and types of handoffs.


Course Title : Digital Image Processing

Course code: A70436

Program: FOURTH YEAR BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to perform and implement basic image operations and transforms.
  • 2.Able to understanding of image enhancement and restoration techniques both in spatial and frequency domain.
  • 3.Able to explore about fundamental steps of image processing which includes acquisition, morphological processing, segmentation and compression.
  • 4.Able to evaluate basic segmentation and morphological processing algorithms.
  • 5.Able to evaluate various image compression algorithms based on compression ratio.


Course Title : Embedded Systems Design

Course code: A70440

Program: FOURTH YEAR BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Expected to understand the selection procedure of Processors in the Embedded domain.
  • 2.Describe the differences between the general computing system and the embedded system, also recognize the classification of embedded systems.
  • 3.Design Procedure for Embedded Firmware.
  • 4.Expected to visualize the role of Real time Operating Systems in Embedded Systems.
  • 5.Expected to evaluate the Correlation between task synchronization and latency issues.


Course Title :Advanced Communications Skills Lab

Course code: A700086

Program: FOURTH YEAR BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to Accomplishment of sound vocabulary and its proper use contextually
  • 2.Able toFlair in Writing and felicity in written expression
  • 3.Able to Enhanced job prospects
  • 4.Able to Effective Speaking Abilities


Course Title : Microwave Engineering and Digital Communications Lab

Course code: A70499

Program: FOURTH YEAR BTech ( Sem -I)

  • 1.Able to plot the characteristics of reflex klystron oscillator
  • 2.Able to plot the characteristics of gunn oscillator
  • 3.Able to evaluate the frequency and wavelength of given microwave signal
  • 4.Able to evaluate scattering parameters of a circulator, magic tee and Directional coupler
  • 5.Able to evaluate attenuation and impedance of given load


Course Title : Satellite Communications

Course code: A80452

Program: Fourth Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Ability to calculate the orbital determination and launching methods
  • 2.Ability to develop commands, monitoring power systems and developments of antennas and to design antennas to provide Uplink and Down link Frequency.
  • 3.Able to calculate multiple access techniques like TDMA, CDMA, FDMA, DAMA.
  • 4.Ability to design different kinds of transmitter and receiver antennas of earth station.
  • 5. Ability to demonstrate the impacts of GPS, Navigation, NGSO constellation design for tracking and launching


Course Title : Radar Systems

Course code: A80450

Program: Fourth Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to analyze the radar fundamentals and radar signals
  • 2.Able to understand the various technologies involved in the design of radar transmitters and receivers
  • 3.Able to differentiate the operations of MTI and pulse Doppler radars.
  • 4.Able to categorize operation of various tracking radars.
  • 5.Able to analyze the radar receivers and advantages and limitations


Course Title : Seminar

Course code: A80089

Program: FTH Y BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.The graduate will be able to present on the design and fabrication of imparted knowledge in different aspects of a domain.
  • 2.The graduate will be able to present to the audience on the methods of solving
  • 3. The graduate will be able to develop presentation skills, Build confidence and improve communication skills.
  • 4. Able to Sharpen their personality, intelligence and make themselves aware of knowledge about new hardware and software needs of market.


Course Title : Wireless Communications & Networks

Course code: A80454

Program: Fourth Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Able to understand the principles of wireless communication systems.
  • 2.Able to understand the concepts of spectrum allocation,basic cellular system, frequency reuse, channel assignment strategies, handoff strategies, interference, improving coverage and capacity, cell splitting.
  • 3.To understand the Indoor and outdoor propagation models.
  • 4.Analyze the different types of fading
  • 5.Demonstrate the various types of equalization and diversity.


Course Title : Seminar

Course code: A80089

Program: Fourth Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Be exposed to research in various fields of Electronics and communication Engineering
  • 2.Learnt professional development skills such as preparing publications, reviewing research articles, performing literature review, etc.
  • 3.The ability to analyze world issues from historical and contemporary perspectives from multiple disciplines of Electronics and its role in Engineering.


Course Title :Project

Course code: A80088

Program: Fourth Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.Exhibit good teamwork skills and serve as effective members of multi-disciplinary project teams.
  • 2.Articulate and justify technical solutions to diverse audiences through oral, written, and graphical communication
  • 3.Enable understand the importance of professional and ethical responsibilities of civil engineers, and be aware of codes of conduct and other sources of guidance for professionally ethical decision making.


Course Title : Comprehensive Viva

Course code: A80090

Program: Fourth Year BTech ( Sem -II)

  • 1.The viva voce will enable communication between the examiner and student and provide invaluable experience for career interviews.
  • 2.Will have thorough knowledge about electronics and engineering solutions