Event Description

It is a web based quiz application. This round will be conducted on FEB 2nd, Sunday To take a quiz, a user must be logged in with a unique ID that will be provided by CSI. After successfully logging in to the application, the user can take the quiz where the questions are based on general aptitude, simple math, current affairs etc. There will be a 30sec time limit for each question. The entire round is conducted online and the participants can participate from the comfort of their homes using their PC, laptop or mobile.
Round 2: AMUZO
There are two main phases of this round
Phase-1: Here, the participants have to solve the puzzle which consists of Riddles. Top most participants who solved the puzzle and riddle will be passed to next phase.
Phase-2: Here, the participants who solved the riddle which is a clue to an attribute (will be used in round-3)which would be any particular part of the college, they have to search for the topic using the clue provided to them through a virtual tour of the college. The Top particpants who cracked it will be sent to the third round.
This is the final round. The attributes found by participants consist of a ppt. They will be given 10 minutes each to study the presentation and would later have to present the given topic to the respective jury. The jury will then decide which team was the best depending on their assessment criteria.


Rohith Reddy (Vice Chairman) : +91 70939 69396
Hussain (Executive Head): +91 70320 38414