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This is a state level technical event.
Round 1: Cipherer
In this round,the participants were given set of encypted text with a new deciphered messages.They must use these deciphered messages provided and decrypt the other encrypted texts.Participants who solved the maximum number of texts within the stated time limit were qualified to the next round.

Round 2: Trovez Ta Rue
Participants were provided with an interactive maze to solve.The maze had a few landmarks set within it. Clues were given regarding the end point of the maze.The top participants who solved the maze within the given time limit were qualified to the next round.

Round 3: Annuncio
Advertising is a subset of marketing that focuses on messaging to engage target audience.Participants need to use advertising strategies and convince the panel to purchase the product.The best team was decided by the panel acoording to their evaluation criteria.