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This is a state level technical event.
Round 1: Cards Gambit
Participants will be given two set of cards.Each containing 13 cards.On picking every card,a question will appear.These questions are based on aptitude,technology,general knowledge etc.There is a timer for the entire round.Whoever answers the maximum number of questions within the stated time limit will qualify for the next round.

Round 2: Invenire Objecto
Participants will be provided with an AI object detection app.After succesfully logging in, a riddle will be displayed to every player.The participants will have to solve the riddle to find the object and they will then be sent on a hunt to scan the object.Most of these objects can be found in the college.Tthe top participants whos scans the objects correctly will qualify for the third round.

Round 3: Ammisio
Mock interviews simulate a real conversation between an HR,TR and MR for the desired position.Participants will not only gain the skill of participating in interviews,but alos recieve feeedback and advice on what needs to be improved.The panel will decide the best team according to the evaluation criteria.